Love,Life,Death and Hope

I have come to the conclusion that they, the above, are
all one, the same. Different words for the same thing, Something that is the soul of mankind, that which makes us different from all else.

I am producing four landscapes, which are emotional reflections of creation itself. The universe, the elements themselves, that which we have no control over.

I have drawn them with my first art teacher in mind -
Tom Wall, who is now dead. His style (of working) made a great impression on me and was the beginning of what I have gone on to do. Whilst my pictures are original and all my own work, a great deal of Tom comes through: the intellectualism; the sense of space; a sense of foreboding; creation and destruction. One cannot exist without the other. All will carry the title; Love, Life, Death and Hope

Mackenzie Thorpe

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